Here is the link to my Website HiEnergy
There you will find all our products
which increase the energy in people,
animals, plants, food, water etc.

Here is the link to my Website ProtectPro
There you will find products such as SD9-5, SD 9-10, and SD 90-50 to protect you from electro magnetic radiation as to be found with cell phones, cars, electric cars, WiFi stations, transmission towers, GPS, smart meters, screens, geopathic zones etc. On this site you will find as well the Health Protection SD 1 and the Food Protection SD 2.

Good day to you, wherever you may be at this very moment. My name is Norbert Heuser. I am a German entrepreneur. I am here to help to improve life and conditions on our planet. I am working on several different subjects as you can see on my websites   as well as on

Besides on my websites I speak about many different topics in my webinars, and seminars. Many of these topics are neither covered by the mainstream media nor by the mainstream medical doctors.
Yes, much of my subjects represent the alternative medicine and related lifestyles. Please see the list below that reflects the topics. Please visit the above mentioned 2 websites.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

In Love and Gratitude.
Norbert Heuser

Topics on my list:

Yes, much will be in the alternative medicine and lifestyle.
But I cover among others as well:
The world is based on frequencies only.
Bees are vanishing form the face of the earth – what a disaster for mankind.
Defending yourself against harmful electromagnetic radiation from:
cell phones, Wifi, transmission towers, smart meters, electric cars etc…
Building Biology – the doctor for your house.
Coffee – one of the most spread drugs.
 The future in medicine are frequencies – not pills and white gowns.
Reverse Osmosis water – the devil in person.
Nikola Tesla – who figured it all out.
pH – we are all too acidic.
Spirituality and body is one.
The importance of pineal, thymus and thyroid glands.
6 Management Steps to Health
Radiation on airplanes.
Light & Sound in healing.
Wrong positions at work & sleep have major consequences.
Food Addiction.
Oxygen is No 1.
The building blocks of life.
The work and findings of Dr Masuro Emoto, Japan, in regards to water.
Chronic Stress.
Ethics and moral.
With electricity started our downfall in health.
Detoxification- we are all more or less full of toxins.
Micro blood circulation and the importance in healing.
What is truly healthy water? 98% of what is out there is not healthy.
Microplastics in water, food, air, everywhere.
Muslims and pork.
Quantum physics – everything is connected with everything.
Why are tattoos dangerous to your health.
The danger of Geopathic Zones – all around us.
What is healthy food?
Most inventions of the past 200 years are bad for this planet.
Grounding – earthing the big miss.
Diabetes – one of the biggest threats in health.
Fascia – connective tissue – widely unknown territory in medicine.
Food supplements.
Body temperature 98.6 – nearly nobody shows that number.
The myth of green tea.
7 health parameters you can control without any doctor.
How to improve your energy in one second.
The effect of your spiritual awareness on your life.
Improving the challenges in health.
Being able to change your mind set.
The main reasons for illness – the only reason for illness.
The basics of  Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Medical practitioners – the good and the not so good ones.
Dentistry and its contribution to the general health apart from the teeth.
So many people have sleep problems to sleep. The 15 possible reasons.
Underestimated – the importance of daylight.
What is Kinesiology – called as well muscle testing.