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“Coffee is the widest spread drug in this world.”


Sunday AUGUST 28 2022 6.00 pm EST
duration 1 – 2 hours Seminar with Q & A
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Possible Topics for future Webinars:

– Regular combustion chamber cars and electric cars create harmful electromagnetic radiation
– Geopathic Zones – harm your body and hardly anybody knows
– The future in medicine is frequency medicine, not pills and not white gowns
– Coffee and sugar are the biggest legal drugs
– Food supplements are a must
– We all have too little daylight
– The 14 possible causes of bad sleep
– Water stores information – the work of Dr. Masuro Emoto Japan
– Reverse Osmosis Filters – the most used water filter systems – harm the body
– Why are we all too acidic? What you have to understand about pH
– The basics of Chinese Medicine
– We all have to much toxins and we need to detox
– Glands deficiency – most pople have problems with heir Thymus Gland, Thyroids and Pineal gland
– There 7 parameters you can control yourself without any doctor
– The basics in dentistry
– Kinesiology / Muscle Testing – how does it work
– Basically nobody has the healthy body temperature of 98.6 but have a chronic low in body temperature
– 6 management steps to health
– Chronic Stress – the only reason you can become sick
– Wrong positions when working or sleeping effect your health
– This planet is based on frequencies only
– Inventions – nearly all inventions of the past 200 years screw this planet, mankind, flora, and fauna
– The bees are vanishing from this planet – a catastrophe will come up
– How to improve the energy in your body in less than a second
– Is your house your own enemy in health?
– The building blocks of life

Webinar Archive

All About Water
Part 1

The big water scam, the story of water
What is truly healthy water? 99% of all people I test
are dehydrated. 95% drink unhealthy water
– you most likely do as we speak.

All About Water
Part 2

Rehabilitating the hexagonal structure in water.
Why Reverse Osmosis Filters may be not a healthy solution.
The work of Dr Masuro Emoto. Water & pH and much more.

Tattoos are the new plague

I Want to Die Healthy. You Also?

5G Controls 7 Areas Of Our Life.

Muscle Testing Technique – How Does Muscle Testing Work?

What is 5G All About? My Current Perspective on 5G

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems – Good for You, or Bad for You?

The 17 Possible Causes For Your Bad Sleep.

Results of Testing 23 Cell Phone EMF Protection Devices

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Solution for Vaccines?
Part 1, 2 and 3

Guest speaker and talk show partner Dr. Alf Garbutt
who has intensively researched these topics.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Your Health has 17 Enemies.
Part 1

Your Health has 17 Enemies.
Part 2

Cell Phones, 5G dangers & the damage to your health.

5G, COVID19, and vaccinations

This webinar will show you how inextricably intertwined these all are.

Follow Up Webinar 5G, COVID19, and vaccinations.

Q & A only